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TRW Space & Defense

1994 TRW S&D sales: $2.8 billion
1994 TRW S&D employees: 7,300
1994 TRW sales: $9.1 billion
1994 TRW employees: 64,000


TRW is a multi-billion dollar service and manufacturing corporation headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Major lines of business, or sectors, include Space & Defense (S&D), Automotive Parts and Information Systems and Services (IS&S).

In 1984-5, Program management worked with TRW S&D to develop a Strategic Facility Plan to consolidate all facility operations for 23,000 employees (1984) concentrated in the L.A. area and position that business unit to effectively downsize and reduce incremental occupancy costs. In 1991, IS&S (the credit arm of TRW) had a portfolio of 423 sites in 243 cities, and again worked with PM to realign its real estate portfolio in several metro locations concurrent with that units reorganization and shift to reengineered operations.

TRW S&D's Office of Real Estate and Facility Planning was created in 1985 to focus on that sector's second largest annual expense - rising facility costs. With a mission to better control capital expenditures and reduce annual occupancy costs, this office retained PM to

bulletReview the sector's facility database
bulletSuggest improvements in past facility plans
bulletIdentify new Strategic Planning Objectives and Policies
bulletAssist in the annual preparation of 5 year Facility Plans
bulletRecommend new, more effective Planning and Control Systems for facility projects

Many of PM's proposed facility actions and policies were incorporated in "rolling" 5 year plans, presented and approved annually. Those plans and their benefits have been monitored and adjusted as required since 1985

One new occupancy policy has improved TRW's use of 3 million s.f. by 3%. In a study to test new strategies, one group's consolidation of 300,000 s.f. produced a $6 million savings annually. PM also helped draft TRW's award winning Facility Management Manual, incorporating existing management guidelines with new project control systems and "project planing" checklists.

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