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The Information Age has produced new, more productive management concepts.  These have streamlined work processes, flattened corporate structures and compressed cycle times for the delivery of all goods and services.  As corporations adapt, business operations in the U.S. and around the world are experiencing significant discontinuity and dislocation.

Facilities and Real Estate service providers within and outside companies must now respond more quickly and creatively for their corporate clients.  Traditional management patterns, planning tools and project delivery methods are increasingly inadequate in the face of new pressures and work environments.

Program Management's real estate advisory services and facility planning techniques have proven uniquely adaptable to the needs of a business world in transformation. Program Management has successfully helped clients deal with many facility conditions created by new management initiatives and related business unit programs.  In the course of these transitions, clients are changing historical concepts of work, workers and the workplace.

Program Management corporate initiatives include:

bulletMergers, acquisitions and divestitures
bulletCompany re-organization
bulletCompany or business unit consolidations
bulletBusiness unit relocations
bulletBusiness process re-engineering
bulletWorkforce realignments and reductions
bulletRedesign and relocation of the workplace
bulletNew communication and information technologies
bulletNew real estate and facility management responsibilities

Different property management approaches and tools are required to develop appropriate responses to these corporate initiatives.   Relocation, consolidation, and portfolio plans often require more leadership, top-down direction and decisions.  Alternately, growth, workplace redesign or re-engineering programs usually require more teamwork, collective actions and consensus.

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