Program Management Qualifications

Diverse Operational Focus

Facility planning assignments typically address all business operations. These include technical research, information management and manufacturing activities, as well as non-technical office and support operations.

The comprehensive nature of PM's business-based planning and advisory work is also notable. Representative clients range from pharmaceutical, aerospace and telecommunications companies to key members of financial, banking and insurance industries.

Proven Planning Methodology

Clients such as the Federal Reserve Bank have adopted specific PM methodologies as a planning standard. These innovative audit formats, analytical tools and graphic techniques allow PM managers to easily outline alternate strategies, quickly convey findings and effectively communicate recommendations to planning teams and senior managers.

Timely management decisions are made on the basis of these PM methods and quantitative models, together with industry benchmarks and best practices. Solutions include successful portfolio realignments, organizational adjustments and process improvements.

Adaptive & Compatible Services

Select planning tasks are sometimes pursued as separate efforts to compliment in-house corporate staff resources. In others cases, PM works directly with senior managers to address comprehensive Strategic Facility Planning assignments or provide Advisory Services - independently, or as an allied team member.

Unbiased Experience

Corporate facility planning has been PM's primary business focus for 20 years. As an independent consulting firm, PM has no vested interest in specific real estate strategies, associated project opportunities, vendor selections or follow-on services.

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