Program Management Strategic Planning Services:

1. Facility Requirements

        1.1 Operations Review

bulletReal Estate Audit
bulletBusiness Plan Reviews
bulletFacility Audit
bulletFacility Utilization Studies
bulletOccupancy Studies
bulletProductivity Studies
bulletCost Studies
bulletEmployment Patterns

1.2 Needs Analysis

bulletFacility Space Requirements
bulletAdjacency Requirements
bulletOfficing Studies
bulletLocation Studies
bulletConsolidation Studies
bulletSite Requirements
bulletTechnical Operations Analysis


2. Portfolio Plans

2.1 Plan Alternatives

bulletBaseline Studies
bulletSite Studies
bulletFacility Planning Guidelines
bulletBlocking and Stacking Studies
bulletAlternate Scenario Designs

2.3 Evaluation

bulletScenario Life Cycle Costs
bulletScenario Investment Analysis
bulletRisk/Flexibility Assessments
bulletOperational Criteria

3. Facility Implementation

3.1 Project Plans

bulletSite Selection
bulletProgram Budgets
bulletFacility Performance Specifications
bulletRisk Mitigation Reports

3.2 Facility Development

bulletProject Control Systems
bulletPost Projects Performance Audits

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