Sbrc.tif (2180646 bytes)Program Management Projects:
Hughes Aircraft/SBRC-DSO

Population:   2,582 (1996)
Facilities:        1,020,924 s.f. (1996)
Type:               Research & Marketing


Program Management has completed a wide range of technically oriented facility planning assignments associated with Hughes Aircraft Company's Santa Barbara Research Center since 1987.  Work efforts have varied from the replanning and schematic design of an innovative Water Fabrication area, and a subsequent design for an entire Second Generation Factory within the same facility, to the relocation of entire production programs to and from the Center.

Much of this transition work was completed in response to a Hughes five-business initiative in 1993 during which many individual business unites and specific production programs where scheduled to be relocated, combined, re-engineered and/or, in some instances, sold.

Formerly combined DSO-SBRC operations have now been significantly reduced to approximately 1,700 employees in 13 buildings with 650,000 s.f.   This new operating pattern is the result of a re-engineering effort, a 1995 outsourcing initiative, and the divestiture of certain business units.

Although technical issues prohibited the relocation of some NASA programs to El Segundo and fully integrated DSO-SBRC operations, DSO vacated all leased facilities in January 1996, and most of the former DSO site has now been closed.   Portions of two former DSO business units have moved to the SBRC Hollister Business Campus and now operate with such greater efficiency.

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