Program Management Projects:
DSC Communications Corporation

$731,000,000 Sales (1993)
3,604 Employees
1,313,000 SF
Type: Office and Manufacturing


In response to DSC’s expanding global markets and demand for its telecommunications equipment in the early 1990s, the company’s Real Estate & Facilities Manager asked that Program Management develop an initial DSC Strategic Facility Plan (SFP) to clarify future needs and actions necessary in the North Texas area.  At that time, DSC was continuing to relocate more remote U.S. operations to the Dallas region, as well as further expand operations in scattered facilities throughout the Richardson-Plano area.

Once the SFP objectives were defined, PM completed an in-depth Facilities Audit to determine the company’s historic mix and present use of manufacturing, office and warehouse space.  Next, a Resource Model was developed to link projected business unit revenue and employment targets to facility requirements, following a review of DSC’s Business Plans.  PM developed several Scenario solutions, which were sized and compared to reflect:

bulletAlternate locations,
bulletDifferent lease/own mix, and
bulletVarying schedules for all actions.

Qualitative and economic differences were reviewed with DSC’s management.   One Scenario was recommended, selected and developed, leading to a phased Strategic Plan.  Later activities to update this SFP included work to:

bulletRevise the Facility Audit,
bulletRefine the Facility Resource Model,
bulletExpand initial Facility Development Guidelines,
bulletClarify major business unit relocations, and
bulletOutline preliminary Annual Development Plans, specific Budgets and Schedules necessary to realize approved SFP actions and programs.

After a review of projected needs, DSC’s management began construction of another major office-manufacturing-warehouse building program on a site adjacent to their main campus.  This facility was completed in the Fall of 1994.

Following their comparison of PM’s alternate Facility Strategies, they authorized DSC’s real estate advisor to assemble another major campus site.  This search ended with the 1993 purchase of over 120 acres adjacent to their current campus.

After extensive study, a conceptual Master Site Plan was developed for this contiguous property by DSC’s architect, HKS/Dallas.  Subsequent PM planning work included further definition of this Site Plan’s phased development. These annual 1995-2000 plans described the impact of DSC’s projected business unit growth and requirements for dedicated office-manufacturing buildings in terms of the architect’s Site Capacity Plan.  They also outlined more detailed long term relocation plans.

Additional advisory work on development guidelines resulted in further revisions to these plans.  Decisions about dedicated and single purpose facilities have been revised, and build-out plans continue to change to accommodate new business unit forecasts.

In response to this on-going SFP work, DSC has also established a facilities resource database and continues work on a fully automated Facility Management system to reduce audit and design costs.  Necessary adjustments in the company's Property Portfolio are occurring more quickly due to increased automation within the Facilities Management operation.

Alcatel acquired DSC in 1998 and began consolidation studies.  Following this work, Alcatel relocated their USA headquarters operations to this Plano site because of favorable expansion plans and tax incentives. 

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