Program Management Projects:
Burlington Northern Railroad

(now Burlington Northern Sante Fe Corp.)



$5 Billion Sales (1994)
30,689 Employees (1994)
564,693 GSF, Ft. Worth HQ's



The Burlington Northern Sante Fe Corporation (BNSF), the largest railroad in the U.S. was created in 1995 with the merger of the Burlington Northern and Sante Fe railroads. The company has over 31,000 miles of track in 27 states and 2 Canadian provinces. Coal and intermodal transportation are BNSF's primary business.

Working with Burlington Northern's Facility Management group in 1993, Program Management audited existing facility utilization, forecast space needs based on departmental relocation plans and the anticipated impact of company-wide initiatives, and structured four equivalent scenarios based on BN's alternate real estate development opportunities in downtown Ft. Worth and on the company's remote corporate campus.

Assisted by BN's CM, Woodbine Development Company, Program Management comprehensively reviewed detailed development and lease proposals. 15-year facility development and occupancy costs were analyzed, together with operational costs and corporate issues of concern to management. Following this analysis, Burlington Northern decided to locate a new Network Control Center (NCC) in north Fort Worth and immediately began construction.

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