atlanta1.GIF (97423 bytes)Program Management Projects:
BellSouth Telecommunications

Revenue: $23 Billion
Population: 88,450
Facilities: 52.1 Million SF
Net Income $3.2 Billion


This assignment was led by BellSouth Telecommunications' Property & Services Group (P&SM) and directed by Inge Waddle and Rob Webber. Carter, an ONCOR broker, was the Real Estate Broker/Advisor working on this assignment.

Program Management was responsible for:

bulletassembling and/or reviewing Audit Data (portfolio/occupancy information by business unit),
bulletinterviewing senior management to frame emerging organizational and operational issues,
bulletdeveloping three alternate Scenario Designs responsive to these new conditions, and
bulletrecommending one Facility Strategy.

Each alternate Scenario of sequential relocations over time was a viable strategy for BellSouth’s eventual redeployment and consolidation throughout the city. However, each had a different emphasis (e.g. site limits, MARTA proximity, alternate corporate organizational and/or growth models, in-town development).

Each was collectively evaluated by the team and all key participants, sites were identified and one "city wide design-development strategy" was selected. This Atlanta Metro Plan was refined and further developed by BellSouth planners, sites were negotiated by Carter, and contracts were executed by P&SM prior to this January 27th announcement. This overall process took 14 months.

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