Program Management Projects:
Aid Association for Lutherans (AAL)

$14.1 Billion in Assets (1994)
1,700 Headquarter Employees (1994)
2 sites -- 950,000 GSF (1994)


AAL is the largest fraternal insurance company in the U.S. Current operational and workforce initiatives include expanding to a 12 hour service window, increased use of part-time and temporary employees, and a company-wide TQM program.  AAL pioneered team-based customer service in the mid-'80's, and it continues to pro-actively address business change today.  AAL's policyholders are members, not clients. Collectively, members and employees are often referred to as the AAL "family."

AAL became a Program Management client in 1988, when PM helped develop a strategic facility plan in response to workforce reductions.   Following the attainment of staffing targets and a period of business growth, a second strategic plan was undertaken in 1991.  This plan lead to the expansion of the AAL Home Office.  The new building, resulting from this project, can be seen on AAL's Home Page.  Program Management continues to provide advisory service and support to AAL.

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