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Hunt Petroleum:
Galatyn Park Development
Richardson, Texas

The concept for the Galatyn Park Development evolved following DART's decision to locate their northernmost Phase II light rail station west of Nortel's new 516,000 SF campus along the US 75 access road. The first development assignment for the 500-acre Galatyn Park was the planning and development of a 27-acre site between the planned DART light rail station and Nortel's new campus. The Galatyn Park Urban Center (GPUC) was conceived to be the southern anchor of a community-oriented circulation system linking many undeveloped Telecom Corridor parcels within walking distance to new and proposed DART stations.

Program Management has been involved in the GPUC since its inception, and has worked both with Hunt Petroleum on their overall development plans, and with the City of Richardson on plans for the Richardson Auditorium, Public Plaza, and Parking Garage.

PM's work with Hunt Petroleum over the years resulted in a number of assignments targeted at the development process of the 27-acre Urban Center and the entire 500-acre development. These assignments included the following:

  1. Codes, Covenants, & Restrictions (CCRs) for GP. Program Management made general recommendations for the Master Declaration and defined differences and exceptions within each of the tracts for the 500-acre development.
  2. Master Site Planning Studies for both Hunt and the City's Development within the GPUC, plus surrounding corporate developments, and DART's light rail stations.
  3. Economic proformas for the various components within the development, including the parking garage, office, retail, and residential.
  4. A Transit-oriented Development Study and Tour of TODs in Washington DC focusing on developments around transit stations that are applicable to the light rail stations in Richardson's Telecom Corridor.
  5. A Retail Study focusing on retail activity in GP within 5- and 10-minute walking radii of Galatyn Park light rail stations to determine the appropriate need for retail now and in the future.
  6. Creation and administration of a Mixed Use Development (MXD) RFI/RFP process to find a suitable Development Partner for Galatyn Park Corporation on 1) the southern 12-acre tract within GPUC and 2) the balance of the 500-acre development.
  7. Other general advisory services such as media services, graphics, marketing packages and signage studies.

As a result of Program Management's work, Hunt Petroleum is moving forward with a thoughtful and strategic process for development of the 500-acre Galatyn Park. The final plan will incorporate ideas and lessons learned from various Transit-oriented and Mixed Use Developments studied throughout the country.


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