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Formed in 1976, corporate facility planning has been Program Management's primary business focus for over 25 years.  Program Management has served a broad range of clients the past two decades, including industry leaders in the pharmaceutical, aerospace and telecommunications industries.

During six of its first seven years, Program Management completed these specialized consulting services as a division of HOK, an international architecture, engineering and planning firm.  Today, Program Management is not affiliated with any specialists or consultants linked to proposed strategies or project actions (e.g., realtors, architects, relocation agents).  Historically, Program Management has primarily worked with companies to develop business-based long range facility requirements and real estate strategies.  The emphasis of these planning assignments has varied by industry and company over time, ranging from concerns about growth, new technologies and organizational changes to occupancy costs, cash flow, resource limits and improved utilization.

Typical PM assignments lead to the definition and approval of facility and real estate actions -- capital and expense programs designated as "projects" -- linked to necessary relocations and/or consolidations.  More recently, Program Management has assisted clients in early project planning work, including the selection of appropriate brokers, architects, engineers and other consultants.  As an independent consulting firm, Program Management has no vested interest in specific real estate strategies, associated project opportunities, vendor selection or follow-on services.

In addition, PM is increasingly involved with corporate advisory and facility consulting assignments. These often address new management structures, policies and processes developed to support business transitions and quality or re-engineering programs.  This consulting work is reinforced by PM's active participation in CoreNet Global and ULI committees monitoring changes within the real estate industry and today's workplace.

International experience in consulting, forecasting and strategic planning, for both technical and office-intensive environments, enables PM to effectively provide all long-range and annual planning services required by most corporate planners and real estate or facility managers.


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